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A tool I designed to activate your DIAMOND HEART COMPLEX and release all that no longer serves you in order to unveil the brilliance of who you are at every level!

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My Philosophy

stephanielodgeWhen we begin to awaken to our connection to the energetic forces of nature and the universe that are beyond the tangible that is visible, we activate a frequency I call FAITH. This is an energy that the ancient masters understood as a force that is alchemical, ignited by our decisions and intentions of thought, emotion and trust. When we understand that the Soul’s source of creation is always operating for our highest good no matter what our life experience currently reflects, we begin to shift our personal experience into one that is elevated…more IN-lightened, balanced and exciting!


I call our Source light the DIAMOND LIGHT because of its power, strength and radiance. It may be invisible to most, but as more of us awaken to our extrasensory perception, we are able to access our deep knowing or intuition and then activate the magnetic field of our heart to create our reality. Then we experience a reality that is beyond current conditions. It is aligned to the field of unconditional love, which is our birthright, where we are no longer victims, but empowered co-creators in every moment of our lives, vibrationally aligning to all that we deserve. I look forward to assisting in revealing your brilliance, the radiance of your Diamond Light, that is the pure blueprint of your authentic self.



  • “Stephanie, my main spiritual advisor, has been an integral part of my spiritual path. She is a constant support system to help me get my life’s journey back on track. She helps to educate me on how to understand daily road blocks and belief systems. She helps me to strengthen the belief that I can listen to my own inner voice for direction so I don’t rely on someone else to do it for me. This I believe is a definite sign of a true light worker. I highly recommend Stephanie’s vision and light to guide you on your path to spiritual self-mastery.”

    Roma Goddard
    Roma Goddard Celebrity Stylist
  • “I was very scared and afraid regarding an upcoming speech I had to give to the largest audience I had ever spoken in front of. I worked with Stephanie and she guided me to ask my angels to help and guide me during my speech. During the speech I felt a definite presence of them and my speech went very well!”

    Dr. Rajiv Parti
    Dr. Rajiv Parti Public Speaker & Author
  • “I consider Stephanie a colleague, but more importantly a friend. Her warmth, genuine personality and ability to utilize the information she gets not only from the angels, but other wise beings can be life changing. I would highly recommend anyone to have a session with Stephanie.”

    Chris Alexandria
    Chris Alexandria
  • I have to say that there are very FEW people in the world these days who can hold, let alone share, so much healing light.  Stephanie is one of those remarkable beings who is able to channel a stream of healing light so powerful that transcendence is a normal occurrence in sessions with her.   You feel the depth of the healing work in each session and am pleasantly surprised every time, with each UNIQUE experience I have with her.  So grateful for you Stephanie!!!  Stream-ON!!!

    Kevin Ackad
    Kevin Ackad Get on the Table - Energetic Massage
  • As a life-long Light Worker, I can say that Stephanie Lodge is the real deal. Her work with  Angelic Light streaming is powerful and transformative. She is truly connected to Divine intelligence and is able to, not only direct powerful transmissions for spiritual healing, she is also immensely articulate and thus able to convey often times complex and esoteric transmissions so that they are easily accessible to her students.  I love attending her Diamond Light Stream meditations.  I always leave with some bright new perspective and a shift in my inner consciousness.

    Barbara Wilder
    Barbara Wilder Spiritual Healer & Author of
  • When experiencing Stephanie's Diamond Light Magnetics process for the first time, I placed a camera crew and myself with a full and happy cast within what she calls my "Diamond Heart." Within one week I was booked for 3 days on a new sitcom. It had been over 2 years since I had booked a network show. It was so clear to me that it came directly from her unique guided meditation. I was ecstatic and the work and people I worked with all made the experience like heaven on earth for me. It was like the best party I was ever invited to, and I created it! I am so grateful for learning this powerful process.

    Rev. Nancy B. Berggren
    Rev. Nancy B. Berggren Minister & Author of "LIfe is a Game...and You Can Play It"
  • Stephanie has the awareness and consciousness to allow me to transport my soul to a place that is so spiritual, that I am clearly one with God. In that space and through Diamond Light Magnetics, I am able to manifest creative expression in such a way that I'm deeply able to experience peace, bliss and total empowerment at the soul level.

    Terry Taylor
    Terry Taylor Speaker, Spiritual Grief Counselor & Entrepreneur



The Awaken Angels Experience is designed to awaken the Angel within you through a series of soul-centered practices and light stream activations. I created this program after I went through my own journey of awakening over many years and discovered that indeed I carry specific codes within my DNA that are “Angelic” by design. This means that I communicate Source consciousness through sacred light sound transmissions. I am also able to anchor in and amplify the purifying fire of transmutation, which some refer to as the Seraphim Light Stream, to redesign the energetic patterns for a new earth experience within each individual.

What is Angelic exactly? Well, it means that you are here with a purpose that resonates with unconditional love for self and humanity. You are here to be of service and usually have a “mission” to assist or communicate on some level. You are here to be a pioneer and leading edge thinker, versus following others. You are a messenger, healer, a beacon of light, an example of love, or a creative visionary. You can also be a system buster or what I call dismantler, designed to break down limiting beliefs and mental constructs. Basically, you won’t settle for an ordinary life, you seek extraordinary, elevated and expansive on all levels! Knowing we all deserve to thrive and live in joy fully!

So, are you an Angel in a human suit? There’s only one way to find out. Join me and some of my friends as we explore the “innerverse” of our beingness and awaken all that is divine, whole and holy. As you go within, you see the brilliance that you radiate out into the world. As you discover the truth of who you are, you begin to experience the elevated life, awakened partnerships and more. When you activate your inner angel, you magnetize to you all your heart desires.

The Awaken Angels Experience is launching in Los Angeles in the Fall of 2016. The upcoming World Tour in 2017 will have a sneak peek in London in October as well.

This one-day experience is designed to assist attendees to fully step into their sovereignty as Angels on Earth. As an Illumined Architect of Diamond Light, I’m here to assist us in fully understanding who we are at the level of light and how to truly love ourselves unconditionally.

You will experience all three of my signature technologies for soul growth and light activation: Angelic Light Alchemy, Diamond Heart Magnetics and Halonetix Harmonic Alignment with an Angelic Light Stream transmission channeled for group awakening. I will also be discussing the rise of Angelic Love Streams (sacred partnerships) during these auspicious times, with a new explanation of the 11:11 Awakening Code as it pertains to those on mission to elevate the planet into its next density of light through their Angelic Love Stream encoding.

For those unable to attend in person due to location, I will be sharing guidance toward awakening on YouTube in the coming months and can always be reached for private session as well for more personal guidance and activation. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Meanwhile, I’m offering a Pre-Launch Ticket Special – $144 per person, $222 per couple | Los Angeles Only! This will be for a limited time, so definitely grab your tickets in advance.

Feel free to get in touch and let me know how I can assist you in your journey to awakening or if you’re interested in bringing the Awakened Angel Experience to your city!


My Creative Light Mastery coaching is for those who wish to participate in the transformation of entertainment overall.  It’s about fully recognizing and understanding the importance and responsibility of being an image maker of any kind in today’s Entertainment and Media industries. I believe that there is a great responsibility to how one approaches the creative process, especially when it influences the collective consciousness on all levels so directly and profoundly. What we see as image directly affects our subconscious minds, which directly creates our experience whether we are conscious of that process or not.

Therefore, as writers, actors, producers, directors and entertainers on all levels, its imperative that more of us choose positive images, inspiring stories and empowering messages to shift the collective conscious vibration to one of love instead of fear.  This can be done when more of us realize our true creative power and the responsibility that goes along with it.  It not only affects those you influence, but your own life experience as well. Everything is one connective fabric of energy, and everyone’s true purpose is to be of service on some level.  I believe this is what gives them ultimate fulfillment in life.

So, for those ready to embrace this path that transcends all pain, suffering and fear, ushering in a new era where all are equal, all are loved and all our awakened…I invite you to participate in my Creative Light Mastery process.


Anyone with the desire to connect with the infinite intelligence that surrounds them as universal consciousness for any reason is qualified to do so. This means there is no prerequisite required to begin working with me as an advisor or coach. All creative artists are welcome and encouraged to sign-up at their earliest convenience, for I believe the sooner you learn the tools to empower your creative process, the sooner you are assisting in elevating the entire Hollywood system to one of integrity and love.


Keep in mind, what I teach is not the creative process itself (such as acting, writing, directing). Instead, it is learning how to connect to and use the higher conscious energies that are available to you to clear static frequencies from your personal field and release all forms of fear, insecurity, judgment, self-criticism and other limiting beliefs that hold you back from your greatness.


One of my favorite processes is to teach writers how to tune in and connect to the Source Field, because they have the greatest influence on the story images that program our subconscious on a daily basis through television and film. The story is literally light in image and where the creative process begins, and I believe the mind of the writer is the key interface with universal mind.


The sooner we are able to clear out any negative thought forms, static beliefs and other factors that block your true, authentic filter we call the Mind Frame, the sooner you are writing from a place of peace, truth, integrity and conscious collaboration with the Source of everything.



My passion and purpose is to guide you in how to use transformational SOURCE FREQUENCY, or Diamond Light to activate your personal operating system. Then through your central hub, what I call your Diamond Heart, you can transform your personal experience.


Our original blueprint is what I call our Diamond Template, and once revealed and awakened, we can shine our brilliance and life’s purpose into the world with power, conviction, confidence and strength.  That is the empowered embodied light that is the truth of who you are in every moment.






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I created my new “Awakened Angel” HaloEffex Jewelry Collection to remind you of your personal intentions as you create your reality through the thoughts you empower.
These crystal bracelets remind us of our brilliance within and are charged with the energetics of Transformational Light to assist in keeping our personal fields clear of any static or distortion we experience in our daily lives.




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