11:11 – A Bridge of Initiation

 In Angelic Advice

Many people are fascinated by number combinations, specifically double digits and even more specifically, the number (often represented on a clock) of 11:11.  I decided to tap into the Angelic Light Stream for an explanation of this powerful number and see what the Angels had to share on the subject.  This is what I received in stream from them.

“The number eleven is a symbol to your subconscious mind that you are equal to the ‘Source of All There Is’ or God and one (1) is the numeric symbol for anything that is made manifest through the energy of God thought.  In contrast, the number zero represents the ‘unmanifest’, the void of all potentiality before it becomes manifest as thought.  Therefore, throughout the universe the Divine Architects use both of these numbers (0 and 1) as codes of creation. Now, if you were to look at this combination of the 11 the (:) and then another 11 sideways, it would actually resemble a staircase of four steps in this case, with one ‘gap’ represented by the : in between.  That gap is what we call a leap of faith that serves as a bridge between the higher and lower dimensions of your conscious awareness.  As you rise in vibration and climb each step there comes a time where you have the final two steps just before this ‘leap’ or ‘gap’ before you continue on to the next two steps and so forth.  You alone are the bridge to this gap through your belief or faith in what lies beyond it, trusting that there are additional steps to support your journey and that no matter what you are supported by God.

This ‘gap’ is often a fear that humans must face as well to truly awaken to their true energetic or spiritual form as God. You may think of it as a type of initiation if you like.  When one unlocks and releases a fear of any magnitude, you are creating an opening for more light to be received, thus resulting in the rising in vibration or frequency. When one sees this number then, it is a reminder that you are in a potential moment of initiation within your experience of ‘now’.  You may ask yourself, ‘ is there a fear I am ignoring or unaware of in this moment?  Is there something to learn in this experience that requires my attention and faith?’

There are many of these ‘gaps’ or ‘initiations’ along your ‘human experience’ journey that you can bridge over through positive thinking, love, compassion, trust, transmutation and faith in what lies ahead. Knowing that you are always supported every step of the way is the first step. So, when you see the 11:11, it is God’s way of reminding you that you are supported in this process of rising by climbing the stairway to remembering who you truly are as Source manifest. Some call it a gateway, a signal from your Angels, a code of awakening or awareness, a reminder that you are loved, etc. All of these are true, because they all exist within the mind of creation and therefore are accurate to the person having the experience of observation and deciding in that moment what it means for them.

What is even more exciting to us as Angelics is when you see multiple 000’s, which signify the ‘zero point’ or ‘unmanifest’ potential that you are being asked to explore through your own mind as God.  In crossing the 11:11 bridge to this multi-zero point is when the initiation becomes an invitation to truly manifest anything you desire in record time.  The more zeros, the more possibilities to manifest even more.  It’s the true spiritual jackpot, and it’s just around the corner for many of you and we are so excited to watch it all unfold!”

I have to say that I can’t wait to see some multiple zeros in any capacity.  🙂

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