Stephanie Lodge grew up in Los Angeles as a fourth generation Angeleno,  and was an energetically sensitive child.  As a naturally gifted writer raised by two entertainment industry parents, she naturally gravitated to the same industry and majored in Radio, Television and Film in college. Her corporate background is extremely varied with experience in film and television, public relations, advertising, technology, private jet sales, hedge funds and marketing.

Sydney, Australia

Her first entrepreneurial venture was ZenCierge, Inc. – a conscious concierge service that eventually developed into a group-buying site for holistic wellness and conscious living. But, it wasn’t until 2013 that Stephanie finally stepped into her true calling as an Intuitive Empowerment Coach and Conscious Media Consultant. Her specialty is applying her intuitive knowledge to helping cultural creative experts in understanding how they influence the collective consciousness through the media they create. Her passion is working with major influencers of media and entertainment, understanding that they have the highest influence on shifting mass consciousness worldwide.


Stephanie received a Bachelors of Arts in Radio-Television-Film, which accounts for her early career in entertainment. She also holds a Bachelors in Metaphysical Science, and is currently working toward her Masters in Metaphysical Science and her Doctorate in Philosophy.


Being a claircognizant and clairsentient, Stephanie realized she could not only automatically write or ‘stream’ information in for her own personal guidance, but she soon became a light stream or channel for the conscious, intelligent energy that surrounds us within the unified field.  The key here is that Stephanie doesn’t choose to focus on individual light beings or Angels as much as the archetypes of intention they represent. When we move higher into the frequencies or vibrations of all creative form, both visible and invisible or physical and metaphysical, we access a blend of pure love and light that is the first primal creation as well as the force of the unmanifest that precedes the creation.


When we understand that all is intelligent energy in action, we realize that everything we experience has potential to be transformed. When we realize all is malleable, then through the power of our minds we are the artists or architects of our life experiences.  This is what Stephanie teaches as part of her DIAMOND HEART MASTERY PROGRAM, and her coaching and consulting are based on the simple understanding that the thoughts one empowers creates one’s reality. Her goal is to reveal the “Diamond Heart” within that is already fully conscious of who and what it is. She knows that with a little “polishing” of thought and feeling you can fully UNVEIL YOUR BRILLIANCE and shine your light to magnetize to you the life you deserve.


Stephanie works with media influencers to elevate their creative process to one that fully supports life at every level to create true fulfillment. It is when we create programs and art that empowers others with the highest integrity that we step into service of humanity and feel fully supported by the Universal forces of highest light in return. Stephanie reviews scripts and other projects to see if they carry the frequency of empowerment and offers guidance to shift them into a stronger vibration of consciousness and love.


Stephanie hosted AWAKEN ANGELS as a weekly advice show following her first online radio talk show, ANGELS IN THE BUFF which aired for three seasons and is now a special event series with in-depth interviews with spiritual thought leaders and master healers.


Stephanie has produced two Angel Panels for the Los Angeles spiritual convention, Conscious Life Expo, one of the largest of its kind. As an expert speaker she is asked to share her knowledge of Angels as she has reinterpreted them for the modern age and she conducts workshops and classes through her education arm, ANGELIC ACADEMY, throughout the year.


Stephanie realizes that the true author behind all of her creative endeavors is her soul communicating through her thoughts and feelings. Some call this automatic writing or ‘channeling’, while Stephanie refers to it as ‘streaming’ because it feels like a constant connection that she simply taps into at will. She’s been consciously streaming since her late teens, writing a poem within a matter of a few minutes.  In 2013, she published her first book, Soul Scars: Rising Phoenix as “a poetic journey through time” that represents two decades of poetry that streamed in automatically and was left unedited as she found them almost twenty years later.

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