Welcome to the Angelic Light Stream Network! Conscious media designed by Stephanie Lodge to heal, inform and inspire with life expanding frequency! If you are looking for assistance in handling the new energies that are affecting Earth and human consciousness, you’ve found a resource of love and light to guide you via various media programs past, present and future. The goal is to eventually bring additional experts on board to the network to explore various facets of spirituality to give us a broader understanding of the beauty, mystery and intelligence that is life.


Stephanie Lodge suggests that Angelic light beings prior to being personified with halos, wings, swords and shields, are sourced from a stream of intelligent codes of light, love and sound that when tapped into activate our own codes of evolution and awakening. She explored her theory via her popular radio program “Angels in the Buff” for three seasons (2013-2014), interviewing guest experts in metaphysics, angels, spirituality and more from around the world. The AITB episodes are now available on-demand via archive, and her new show “Awaken Angels” has become her weekly morning show that jump starts the week in a clearer light. Combining empowerment coaching, healing light and other advice, Stephanie makes herself available to listeners from around the world seeking a new approach to Angelic wisdom.

If you were to strip away the physical body, you would find a core of light, sound and energy of such beauty and potential, you would truly know you are Divine Beings living a physical experience.” ~ The Angelic Light Stream

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