Angelic Call for Peace

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As I was sending prayers to all of those grieving in recent acts of violence, I began to receive a transmission from my Angelic councils on what is happening on the world stage and how it reflects our inner landscape. Here is what they conveyed:
“It is a reflection of the highly polarized ‘us vs. them’ that we see playing out in your public arena and programmed into the collective consciousness each day. Understand, all of your news by its very nature has an agenda – to exchange the energy of pain and drama. It is about ratings and anti-light supplementation. So, the key is to not buy into that pain system that lowers your energetic field overall. See it as a test of your will for the benefit of your higher intelligence. Sharpening your tools so to speak.
You are all electromagnetic beings, first and foremost. Know this to be true, for your science shows you the tangible effects of this. You emit a vibratory transmission based on how much energy you hold, and many of you hold immense amounts of energy. Meanwhile, others feed on this energy like a vacuum. It is important to recognize this distinction by how you feel when around certain individuals. Do you get tired or drained more often than uplifted and energized? Again, it should be simple to recognize once made aware.
When an individual is highly vibratory (happy/joyful/ecstatic) – that is where one can truly move mountains of obstacles, manifest miracles, etc.
When one lives in a lower current of energy for too long, filled with grief, pain, or depression then their whole system starts to feel inflamed, exhausted and stuck. It often requires more force to get them re-energized enough to move back into a higher vibration. This follows the basic Law of Inertia. Remember science and spirit go hand in glove.
That said, the greatest alchemists of transformation hold their state of peace and neutrality of mind first while being compassionate at the heart level. Essentially, love without judgment and knowing all of you are children of the One (Source/God/Love/Life).
If you continue to claim yourselves victims in any capacity, as groups or as individuals, you will continue to manifest perpetrators in your reality. It starts and stops with each of you and the power fo your decision. Entire cultures feed on this victim consciousness and make themselves somehow separate from the whole. Any label – religion, race, gender, etc. – is a divide and conquer agenda. Until you can truly come together and forgive all errors and trespasses, you will project and loop a theatrical drama for decades to come.
Those that act from violence have gotten to a place where their frequency of pain overtakes their frequency of love and their cry for help is often a violent one.
What can one do? Pray for self and others. Love more. Love everyone you can reach with a smile or kind gesture. Spread that love far and wide even to those you see as an ‘enemy’ or separate from you, for they are your greatest teacher and first assignment.
Until you know peace within, you can only continue to see it reflected in your life experiences. The most powerful prayer in these cases…’Peace only, peace always. I am the Word, the Word is Law, and the Law is One.’ That is all you need to maintain what we call your Sovereign State…free of conditions that continue to feed any pain at the causal level.
Now, keep in mind, if you see a narcissist that triggers you (we see some focused on the US President as an example), it means somewhere inside self there is an unfulfilled longing to be more selfless waiting to be expressed. The entire collective is very self-involved or self-focused overall, seeing what they can GET from life instead of how they can serve it. Seeing what they can take for self from nature, rather than give back to it.
It is a mental distortion that stems from attempting to get the love from a Father (as God) who has abandoned them on a planet they do not fully feel safe upon. This ‘anger at the male’ overall is due to the collective feeling of being orphaned, betrayed and in constant danger. Then the abuse of Mother (as Earth and nature) echoes as the abuse of self in resentment of having birthed into a physical form at all and being stuck in density that moves much too slowly. 
When one is even slightly awakened to the knowledge that deep within they are Source light intelligence (a Soul), then this can be amplified by frustration and a desire to return to pure energy is often appealing. Especially if they feel undervalued and believe in the constant survival programming of your society that still rewards material over spiritual. Until one is free of the anger and resentment as well as the material attachments, one will always be operating from a push-pull, get-give, mine-theirs system of belief. It is all yours and all theirs simultaneously. Ownership is an illusion.
The first key to breaking free from this loop is to ask yourself this question: What are you hoarding as your love or energy because you don’t think there’s enough for everyone, especially you? Once that is identified, give as much of it away as possible. You can’t get from the system what you don’t place into it first.
Finally, please remember, all is energy. All is designed from and unfolds through one’s mental and emotional wellness or distortions. All violent acts are caused by the emotional-mental levels being highly imbalanced, but each human being is ultimately equally accountable for feeding the collective field enough of the energy that creates the original ‘seed’ of distortion in the first place. Violence imprints more violence. Your horror and drama films supply the majority of fuel to this fire, but it takes only one watching to participate in the perpetuation of the fire for thousands. When you fully understand the holographic nature of your system and the power of light through image, you will begin to realize how your media creators are some of the most powerful resources of both light and dark on your planet. Yet, each and every person is accountable for what they feed with their energy and what they starve out of the game so to speak. Remember your free will and watch for herd mentality, for societal fantasy as belief can be more destructive to your overall health as well.
We are all ONE. One’s feeling of separation is truly an illusion designed to create opportunities for them to work their way back to this inner gnosis of oneness. That is what the playground of Earth life is designed for. Finding excuses to love more, so one can fully express their true nature.
For those playing the part as light leaders, you are the pioneers reaching into the planes of existence where light has never been before perhaps. It can feel dense in these dark passageways of the wormholes, but know this…there is another side and you will always find your way through if you persevere. Keep shining and know you are surrounded by all that you are as light to assist you. The other side is nearer than you think, and loving peace is your birthright. Know this truly in each cell of your being and see your world transform before your very eyes. We love you for we are you.” ~ The Angelic Light Stream
In the meantime…please remember those who are lost in the mayhem of the collective mental disorder with compassion. May order be restored fully. May it start with each of us first. May peace prevail and love reign victorious for generations to come.

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