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“Meetings with the Angelic Masters: A Special Event Series” started January 29, 2015, with Stewart Pearce starting it off. Stephanie interviewed the top Angelic Light and Sound Stream experts from around the world. January featured Stewart Pearce, February Kaia Ra, and March Sheila and Marcus Gillette of The Theo Group. And it wrapped up with the stellar harpist, Peter Sterling.


Season Three of Angels in the Buff started January 7, 2014 as part of the new Angelic Light Stream Network, a Conscious Media Collective that Stephanie is still hoping to see fully empowered. As the show evolved, so did Stephanie, and it soon resulted in a ‘spin-off’ called Awaken Angels!, which still currently airs as a coaching platform on Monday mornings at 8am PT/11am ET with callers seeking “Advice from the Angel Angle” and more! Season Three was the last full season of a weekly version of AITB, but it resurfaced as a monthly special event episode each last Thursday of the month at 8pm PT/11pm ET with top Angelic specialists taking part in 2015’s “Meetings with the Angelic Masters.”


Season Two of Angels in the Buff started June 25, 2014 with Stephanie flying solo, with Jenny Koesling pursuing other adventures after Season 1 ended. Stephanie was well on her way to sharing her own wisdom teachings of Angelic Arts & Sciences for the premiere episode of the season, which resulted in the highest rated episode of any of her airings to date. This season saw the birth of her “Heart-to-Heart” series, where some of her favorite friends came back to visit and new ones joined her in the studio for the first time. It resulted in many wonderful conversations that were personal, casual and heart-filled!


Season One of Angels in the Buff premiered January 16, 2013 with three hosts, Stephanie Lodge (its creator), Angeleah Anton and Jenny Koesling. All three highly intuitive and connected to the Angels in very different ways set out to interview some of the leading spiritual healers, teachers and mediums currently on the scene. The intention of the show was to strip away what we thought we knew about spirituality, metaphysics, and mythology to reveal new ideas around Angels, God and more! It was a great first season, seeing Angeleah heading out to write a book shortly after it began, but she returned again in Season 2 for a special “Heart-to-Heart” episode of AITB with Stephanie, who was by then airing solo. Check out some of these early ‘training wheel’ days – such fun!

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