The Awaken Angels Experience is designed to activate your Angelic Template through a series of soul-centered practices and light stream activations. I created this program after I went through my own journey of awakening over many years and discovered that indeed we carry specific codes within our DNA that are “Angelic” by design and can be activated. This means that we all have the potential to communicate prime consciousness through sacred light and sound transmissions, for self or humanity.

If you are interested in traditional “channeling” or healing with light, this is the experience for you!

As someone practiced in weaving and streaming the Sovereign Light Streams of noble elemental fire for many years, I most recently activated the TITANIUM LIGHT STREAM of Empowered Light within my field. This is the latest photonic information igniting the planet at this time, and it falls into the empowered light spectrum, similar to the Platinum Light. I equate the Titanium light to the balanced Divine Masculine (electric), where the Platinum is the balanced Divine Feminine (magnetic). By amplifying the Titanium Light in addition to the other Sovereign Streams, we elevate collectively the energetic patterns for a new earth experience. It calibrates with the violet light well to release and make room for new blueprints for humanity as we “birth the violet earth.”

What is Angelic exactly? Well, it means that you are here with a purpose that resonates with unconditional love for self and humanity. You are here to be of service and usually have a “mission” to assist or communicate on some level. You are here to be a pioneer and leading edge thinker, versus following others. You are a messenger, healer, a beacon of light, an example of love, or a creative visionary. You can also be a system buster or what I call dismantler, designed to break down limiting beliefs and mental constructs. Basically, you won’t settle for an ordinary life, you seek extraordinary, elevated and expansive on all levels! Knowing we all deserve to thrive and live in joy fully!

So, are you an Angel in a human suit? There’s only one way to find out. Join me and some of surprised guests as we explore the “innerverse” of our beingness and awaken all that is refined, whole and holy. As you go within, you see the brilliance that you radiate out into the world. As you discover the truth of who you are, you begin to experience the elevated life, awakened partnerships and more. When you activate your inner angel, you magnetize to you all your heart desires. Easily, gracefully and permanently.

The Awaken Angels Experience is launching in Los Angeles in the Fall-Winter timeframe of 2017.

This one-day experience is designed to assist attendees to fully step into their sovereignty as Angels on Earth. As an Architect of Sovereign Light, I’m here to assist us in fully understanding who we are at the level of light and how to truly love ourselves unconditionally.

You will experience all three of my signature technologies for soul growth and light activation: Sovereign Light Alchemy, Diamond Heart Magnetics and H.A.L.O. (Harmonic Alignment Light Optimization) with an Angelic Light Stream transmission channeled for group awakening. I will also be discussing the revelation of Sovereign Union Relationships (balanced partnerships) during these transitional times.

For those unable to attend in person due to location, I will be sharing guidance toward awakening on YouTube in the coming months and can always be reached for private session as well for more personal guidance and activation. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Also, feel free to get in touch and let me know how I can assist you in your personal journey to awakening or if you’re interested in bringing the Awaken Angel Experience to your city!



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