Awaken Angels is a show that intends to empower one’s awakening to their true Angelic self. The real self that knows who it is and its intention for being here by divine design. It is time to step into our true consciousness, or higher knowing, by aligning our light to the harmony of the Angelic Light Codes. Through the guidance and experience of its host, Angelic expert Stephanie Lodge, Awaken Angels will explain fully what it means to be “Angelic” at the energetic or frequency level.

Some clairvoyants have witnessed Stephanie “light stream” Angelic messages through her body literally – where Angelic Wisdom represented as Angels step in and integrate their energy and are visible to those who can see. Stephanie uses this skill to share the insights from the Angelic forces and beings that surround us, guide us and love us in order to shift our vibration and lift our frequency to a higher state of being. Either through guided visualizations, healing light or other exercises of empowerment, join Stephanie on this journey twice a month to understand who we truly are as divine beings of light and love. You are so worth taking this time to understand, resonate and experience the brilliance you are!

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