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When I was first debating on starting my website, it was clear that there really was no option but to build it and trust people would come, as in Field of Dreams. Angels are persistent energies and seem to find ways of influencing those they stream through.  They also see a bigger picture and purpose behind what we’re doing with our day-to-day activities, and will do their best to guide us to the right people, places and even web pages to inspire hope, trust and give us confirmation that we are on the right path.  So, once I made the decision to put myself out there as a “channel” of light and angels, there really was no turning back because suddenly I had a responsibility to communicate.  I thought, “what will my friends think, my colleagues, ex-colleagues, ex-boyfriends, family members, future friends, future children, etc.?”  “Will they finally think I lost my mind or will some of them secretly wish they could find a similar connection by losing theirs?”  I think in the end it was a little of both.

Truthfully, looking back, I really could care less what people think.  When you know your truth, have knowledge of something so much grander than you could ever imagine, experience sensations and visions that can only be described as supernatural, and find a purpose that goes beyond merely achieving goals and collecting experiences – then you realize, this is living, this is what life is meant to be – exhilarating, fantastic, abnormal, leading edge, or what I refer to as blazing.  I wouldn’t give it up for anyone’s opinion of me, and is it my fault if they aren’t living on the edge of awakening.  It’s easy to live a life that’s safe and normal, where you follow the crowd and hope they know something you don’t and will lead you to higher ground.  A life that at best is occasionally happy and at worst is full of shadows, uncertainty and lacks purpose.  What I would term dim.  Dim is not inspiring.  There is nothing sexy or uplifting about dim.

What is inspiring is finding a passion and following it until your heart bursts with joy.  Taking chances, pushing envelopes, inventing new ideas, or trying on new experiences and seeing if they fit just because you can.  Never following, always leading and trusting that where you’re going is absolutely where you’ll want to arrive just because you made the decision to go.  The Light Stream always tells me that I am a master manifester of my reality, and that I create every single experience that happens through me, around me and at me.  Which sometimes can stress me out, because yes, I am still human and hardly perfect.  I still struggle at mastering the simple task of being on time and driving with detachment, surrounded by L.A. drivers who range from irritating to downright hostile.  Then come those moments of clarity where I center myself, affirm that everyone is driving in harmony and we will all get to our destinations early, if not exactly on time. For the most part, this actually works nine times out of ten.  The tenth time that doesn’t work I’m convinced is just Source’s way of keeping us on our toes and making sure we practice humility in all that we do.

Just remember, being humble does not mean you should think of yourself as less than anyone else, for all of us are the same when you take off our physical costumes and reveal the light beneath.  We are all one in light at our core.  It is the human ego that gives us our shadows, our doubts, our misconceptions and fears. All the things that are useful in hiding us from ourselves so we can play the game of life, moving through the illusion and process of soul growth, toward what?  More light of course.

So, today I ask you – what does your heart and soul ache for?  What are you passionate about?  What would you do anyway, even if you weren’t paid to do it?  What are you most afraid of failing at?  What are you most afraid of succeeding at?   These are all questions that can help lead you to what you should be doing, not what you feel you have to do.  So, start asking and then once you find the path that scares you the most, jump on it and start moving toward your future.  For there is no one else who will find the same exact purpose and execute it in the same exact way as you will.  Be the leader, blaze the trail and watch how you inspire others to awaken to their true purpose, their light work and their passion.  This is the only job that matters – awakening your self in order to awaken others around you.  The angels call in entrainment.  I call it magic.

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  • Suzan B

    Am loving this place of inspiration and wisdom! Thanks for creating it! Like minds will soon find their way here and the energy of them will manifest in our world as the angels rejoice.hugs to you. Suzan

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