Forgiveness for Tucson

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I AM ZADKIEL the Archangel.  HEAR ME ROAR.  I burn for humanity today.  Burn with the violet flame of forgiveness for the actions that took place in your Earth location of Tucson, Arizona.  Forgiveness is a lesson that the consciousness needs more than ever before to raise their understanding to a higher level and in a collective way.  Let us be clear, it is not about forgiving the boy who carried the gun, it is about forgiving the gardeners around him.  What I mean by gardeners is the parents, teachers, mentors and other members of society that were within his circle of influence and too afraid to act.  They left him unattended, and his mind grew many weeds.  Doubt, fear, uncertainty of his future, hopelessness, hatred, anger and abandonment were prevalent as seeds in his mind.  These seeds then grow into weeds, that when left unattended, literally strangle the flower until it is no longer blooming, no longer in love with its beauty, no longer loving of life and appreciative or grateful for the other flowers in the garden.  Now, I speak in symbol and metaphor, for it is the symbols that are the language of the soul and universal to the subconscious understanding that speaks directly to your hearts.

The children and young adults today are a garden of new blooms that need tending.  They need nourishment, love, kindness and guidance.  When left unattended, they seek these things from the static world – video games, virtual reality, television, low-vibration music – things that create static in their streaming to the mind.  Let’s discuss what I mean by “static,” since it is a new concept being expressed here today.  Static is a type of noise that keeps the mind very busy with nonsense.  As an example, if one is connected to the “light stream” and distracted by outside distractions or connecting in fear instead of love, the information that streams through them will be filled with words or thoughts that are not true representatives of the intelligent light being conveyed.  There will be a mixture of some light and some static, or non-light vibration.  This is where confusion sets in and the thinking mind is now engaged and discerns differently than the intuitive spiritual mind.

There is an abundance of non-light vibration created on the Earth every moment.  Media, specifically through news stations, is one of the largest static producers on the planet simply because it delivers it through a powerful system of both light and sound called television.  Did you ever consider what this simple name truly means – it’s a TELEphone of the VISUAL – a powerful sound-image communicator.  So, every time you turn it on, or pick up the phone in this case, you are literally pulling in communication that is both of sound and light – the two highest frequencies of change.  However, the danger lies in what is being communicated through the sounds and lights – is it positive, loving, kind and full of hope – not usually.  In fact more often than not it is negative, fearful, illustrating the hate and hopelessness in the world – the life drama program that repeats itself as long as people keep “tuning in” and picking up the phone of vision.  It is important for the future of humanity for each individual to find a method to unplug from the life dramas of others, of media, or any form that lowers the frequency of their inner light center.  Their divinity, if you will, that resonates out from them through compassion, service and unconditional love.

As I return back to a recent moment that occurred on your planet in Tucson, a moment that was over in a matter of seconds, let me illustrate something to you – that moment is gone now.  That moment is over in time for a reason.  However, it is being replayed and reprogrammed into minds of millions every so many minutes via the power of the media.  Therefore, that moment is being stretched into the future and will continue to replay again and again as long as people bring their consciousness to it again and again.  The key is letting it go and moving forward with love only.  It’s difficult for the grieving, the ego wishes to hold and fight for those that are lost, bring justice and punish the accused.  This is a path of shadow in actuality, not light.  Light would understand that every person who participated in the event of tragedy, even the light worker Christ-ina, did so empowered.  She carried the vibration of “Christ” consciousness for a reason, to bring more light to the situation and have people gather in community and compassion.

Each person you labeled a “victim” actually participated on their own volition at a soul level to illustrate to the rest of you, the audience of consciousness, that something is broken.  Something needs to be fixed in your hearts.  There is a virus in the computer that needs removal.  You’ll notice energy of light prefers to speak in metaphors and analogies and symbols, because again it creates a visual that the mind can process faster at the soul dimension and at the heart dimension.  Angels are like that, we like symbols and take comfort in their lines and angles, because on our “soul level” if you will, we are geometric.  That is our system.  We don’t have nerves and bones; we have lines of light instead.  This is our make-up.  Angles equal Angels.

We look at this moment in Tucson from a different angle in fact.  We rejoice in the change it can bring.  That change needs to come in love (not fear) and gratitude for the players who played their part in planting the seeds for change.  There is no accident that a congresswoman, not a man, was targeted as a representative of a government system that is beyond broken.  It is a system that has lost its divine feminine aspect of compassion, forgiveness, balance and faith.  Which makes this attack on it in the physical another symbol of reminder – that the old masculine energy still wants to keep the feminine in check.  This cannot happen.  This must not happen.  Or your current system will not survive.  Your concept of humanity will be lost.  It is time to wake up.  There is also a reason Gabrielle Giffords – who carries the vibration of Archangel Gabriel – will survive and rise through what many label a miracle.  She will wake-up others in her personal awakening.  It is like the Phoenix rising in the land of the Phoenix.  Arizona will be a battleground for many conflicts of light and love versus shadows and fear.  Watch for it.

To close this moment, I’d like to express my loving gratitude to Jared Lee Laughner who vacated his mind in search of new reality.  He is not the first child to do this and he will not be the last child to sacrifice their mental and physical state for humanity’s survival.  Just as Christina Taylor Green died with an intention of peace, who began her life on a day of national tragedy (Sept. 11, 2001) and ended her life as part of the same vibration – bookending her light journey in compassionate collective consciousness, a powerful choice.

Humans see the events in Tucson from perspectives that are Earth-based and thought-based, which is normal for the overall frequency of where they are currently residing.  However, as this system you are currently working in shifts into a new dimension, a new energy frequency if you will, there will in actuality be much less violence, much less separation and fear.  The children will bathe in the grace and love of their communities who love them.  The adults will understand that love can be tough yet tender in order to guide the minds of your youth to their highest good.  We ask that you maintain your focus on the ultimate end result and goal you have set at a soul level by holding love in these moments of the journey that involve weeding out the old energies and old programs.

Creating compassion through tragedy is unfortunately the fastest way you currently know how to raise collectively.  There will come a time when it won’t take such drastic measures.  Until then, remember you are divine masters on a quest for the light and as this process unfolds the shadows will rise and fall in your path.  Tucson represented a moment of shadow that transmuted into light.  It is over now.  Let it go.  Move on in understanding that it was only meant to be a lesson and a call to your heart to rise up, to open fearlessly and to bless those around you with your brilliance.


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