HALONETIX is a modality that is very active and requires participation from the individual in order to empower their true belief system and optimize or calibrate their physical and light body blueprints to align with their highest potential. This is not your ordinary energy work or healing tool that can be administered in a passive way.  This process facilitates those who are prepared to match their cellular DNA light codes to those of the planet and its magnetic grid systems for full awakening and alignment with what the Angelic Light Stream refers to as ‘The Rising’ (i.e. Collective Ascension of the planet and its people into its next dimensional phase).  Many are still unable to release certain beliefs or emotions without assistance, and Halonetix provides one of the most advanced systems of ascension facilitation currently available.

The Angelic Light Stream calls the necessary recalibration process of our bodies ‘HALO’ or Harmonic Alignment Light-Body Optimization.  It is a process where many of us who are on the spiritual path find ourselves suffering from aches and pains, depression, headaches, dizziness, nausea and other physical distress or dis-ease that doctors can’t seem to explain the source of.  The reason being is that these are temporary manifestations within the physical body that ebb and flow as the recalibration of the planet shifts into its next dimensional body.  We’re simply matching these changes the best we can and rushing to stay on board the ‘Gaia Express’ by powering through major shifts on every level – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The change is upon us and spirit has heard our cry for help, providing this new system of Halonetix to assist us in our recalibration.

In short, Halonetix tunes the body to the highest vibrational frequency currently available, by utilizing both quantum technology and spiritual vibration.  Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PMF) of indigo-violet frequency open up the Divine Blueprint for recalibration, so that the HALO facilitator can stream (i.e. channel) in Angelic Light energies into the body while Angelic Light Alchemy and other Diamond Light Mastery tools are used to set new blueprints for the client to integrate as their new desired experience.



HALO is a technique that utilizes the light stream Source energies to balance the divine feminine with the divine masculine, the positive with the negative and all the areas of duality that humans have to work with while on Earth.  With the grid shifts that are currently in process, it’s extremely important for each and every one of us to “tune” our divine blueprints or etheric flow patterns to their frequency, to raise our human consciousness to that of divine unconditional love, and to empower ourselves as beings of light in order to transmute these changes with harmony and ease.  Similar to how certain colors that are invisible under white light suddenly glow under a “black” light, the ultraviolet wavelength is a new frequency that exposes and reveals our invisible or hidden self on a multidimensional level. Once exposed, it is transmuted and healed with the necessary rays of the visible color spectrum that the individual needs, making it a customized process and different every time.


A new color frequency I stream in for my clients – the UltraViolet – unblocks and releases certain energies trapped within each cell at the DNA level and awakens areas of DNA that have been shut down by limiting beliefs.  I call these energies and areas of dis-ease the cell’s shadows.” ~ Stephanie Lodge

Once the body is relaxed, the facilitator applies multi-dimensional pulsed magnetic frequencies of the indigo-violet to the physical body.  Pain, dis-ease, emotional distress, anxiety and other energetic blockages that no longer serve the individual are more easily released, allowing for full healing to occur.

The final step is a “flooding” then “sealing” if you will with a very powerful healing stream (or ray) – the Platinum Stream of the Divine Feminine. This stream of light literally floods any imbalances, fills or patches holes in the auric field, and elevates the frequency of human DNA until it literally “glows” and “sings” (if you were to see it under a microscope).   It also “seals” the cells from becoming susceptible to any negative energy they may come in contact with on any level; helping to reverse the aging process, elevate the light body, allow the chakras to freely open and re-write scripted programs that no longer serve the individual.

Once the DNA is harmonically aligned and optimized, angelic light can more easily access all of its levels and the subconscious can begin communicating directly with the conscious mind – and vice versa. This creates a stronger ability to stream automatically in every moment, shifting conscious thoughts more readily into love, joy and knowing on every level.  Now the mind is more aligned with the quantum universe of creation and the experience of the individual begins to match that light vibration in every moment, resulting in pure bliss.


An initial consultation determines the exact ‘Angelic Prescription’ for each individual, combining angelic frequencies, magnetic frequencies and Diamond Light Mastery (DLM) coaching to facilitate full activation and recalibration of one’s Diamond Light.  Initial consultations are done via phone only and are 15 minutes and FREE!

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