When I was 35 years old I discovered Angels…

I was running a conscious concierge company at the time and was investigating a modality called Quantum Biofeedback when out of nowhere the technician asked me if I was familiar with Angels. I told her, “Not really, why?” She proceeded to tell me that she worked with them in addition to her biofeedback work and that presently there were several standing in the room with a message for me. However, the one that was to serve as a messenger that day was Archangel Michael, who told her that she should take care of me since I was “one of his girls.” It would be years before I truly understood what that meant, but all I can say is that day changed my life forever.

For Me, They Are More than just Light Beings with Wings and Halos

What I began to discover as I dove deeply into learning and connecting with all I could find out about Angels is that they aren’t simply beings we label Archangels or similar. They are a field of energy that is constantly interacted with and expanding in consciousness when you connect with them at their Source level. I call this space of interaction the Angelic Light Stream, a term that came to me one early morning. Over the years its been referred to as the Rainbow Serpent, Cosmic Dragon, Ouroboros, and in scientific terms, the Unified Source Field. It is the intelligent frequency exchange that surrounds us, supports us and provides us with all the information we need to not only survive this thing called life but thrive at every level.

We’re not alone. Ever. In fact, we are surrounded at any given time by countless light forms that assist us. This is what I know now as a channel or what I call ‘light stream’ for the magnificent energies we call Angels. I also know that if I can connect through the power of my intention to do so, you can too. My story is anyone’s story. I didn’t get struck by lightning or see beings from a young age, I asked to connect more to these higher intelligent aspects and eventually, I got an answer. Instead, it was a whisper in my mind that asked- “Are you ready to step into your purpose?” All I had to do is say “Yes” and it was done.

Once I fully stepped out of the spiritual closet to all my friends and family, I also stepped out of my own living hell. What I’ve learned is that the more we deny our true purpose, we create very uncomfortable circumstances that will ultimately steer us toward it. I willed myself to connect, I intended to connect, and through that intention, it happened. It happened on October 10, 2010 (10-10-10) to be exact. That was the day I first voice channeled an energy called Archangel Zadkiel, or the Violet Light Stream spectrum as I refer to it now, and there was no turning back after that. This is all I can say, once you say Yes, you’re in for an amazing ride.

So, what are Angels exactly?

For me, I’ve learned that Angels really are source intelligence and healing consciousness that can morph into many types of forms depending on the person communicating. I would say that we are light beings in physical bodies, where they are light beings that are not bound by physicality. They can be seen as light, heard as sound, felt as energetic waves or simply downloaded as entire thought streams of ideas and conscious knowing. Again, it all depends on the receiver and the clarity of their abilities. We all have the ability to connect with what I term the Angelic Light Stream or the collective consciousness of Source that is flowing to us with information and conscious light all the time. Sure, some come in with gifts and are hardwired from birth, or perhaps they receive a profound shift in software due to a near-death experience or similar. But, most of us, like myself, can simply choose to connect through the power of our will and intention to do so. I was unaware for years that I had any connection to Angels beyond what I saw as figurines in your local Hallmark store. Having no real religious upbringing, I didn’t carry their mythology within my mind, so I had no reason to communicate. However, once they came into my field of awareness, everywhere I turned something reminded me of their presence. Books falling off shelves that had Angels on them, strange numbers that kept repeating, patterns of all kinds would weave into my reality.

What’s my Current Methodology?

What I know now is that Angels are loved worldwide in their traditional sense by more than 75% of the population. But, there are so many who scoff and reject the notion of their existence because they only see them in the traditional “wing and halo” form and don’t realize that there is much more to Angels than what stories tell us. What I’ve discovered through my practice, intuition, countless years of research and direct communication is that Angels are really an energy of consciousness that can take on any form to reach us, assist us and guide us when we are in most need of support. I call what I teach and practice ultimately a form of Ancient Angelology based in Essenian Angelic Arts & Sacred Sciences that go back thousands of years. They are the basis for most religions that exist today or have teachings based in some of the earliest belief systems. They are a foundation that is loving and kind, one that any and all can embrace without negating existing beliefs when we understand the science involved.

What is Angelology?

Angelology is really everything that encompasses the study of Angels from all angles. This means from not only the spiritual perspective, but also the scientific level including the area of noetic science, and the physical level that takes into account spontaneous healing. If we strip away what we think we know about higher light beings or angels, we are able to expand our understanding to include more practical and approachable methods of connecting to their stream of intelligence as a whole. This doesn’t mean we discount Angels as actual beings, but we also look at their source, which eventually equates to our source too. What are Angels at the energetic level? Before we put personified costumes of armor, shields, gowns or garlands and top them off with a pair of wings and a halo, what are these benevolent beings?

I believe they are a blend of light, sound and electromagnetic frequency. At least this is how I experience their consciousness. I call this collective consciousness the Angelic Light Stream, for it’s a blend of infinite consciousness that is always available to us. What I’ve learned is that my intuitive conclusions presented here are not dissimilar to what the Essenes understood them as. They would commune with these natural forces in order to better connect to the universe and the Earth within it. They became familiar through their intuitive connection with how these packets of light and sound served our highest good. These teachings eventually evolved into the 72 Angelic Virtues or Names. By tuning into these specific names one could purify or transmute specific energies within the mind-soul-body. These practices are just some of what I call the Angelic Arts. The teachings and knowledge behind them, of course, would be the Angelic Sciences. Together they create an understanding that can be used today in practical ways and with powerful effects.

A Universal Philosophy

Keep in mind I have no religion but unconditional love. I am not a follower of any specific teaching per se, though I am open to many different ideas as they come into my awareness. This doesn’t mean that I take all at face value, it just means that I believe each person should have a belief system that is as unique as a fingerprint and tolerance is one of the most important virtues we can possess as a species. Now, having said that, I’d like to address my understanding of Christ or Christ Consciousness. Let’s begin with the energetic aspect. For me, Christ is the Crystallized Frequency of Creative Consciousness. This means the embodiment in form of all conscious creation and the creative process itself. Those who are referred to as “Christed” Ones, such as Buddha or Yeshua ben Joseph (aka Jesus), are simply aware of their divine embodiment and knew the same for all who they encountered. It was their teachings through example that made them master teachers of their time. There is also the feminine “Christs”, who are often scrubbed from human histories, such as Mary Magdalene, that is now resurfacing to bring balance and wholeness to humanity.

There are many today who resonate with not only the idea of Angels as a form of energetic technology within but also with the more generalized idea of Christ as Consciousness rather than a man who delivers us from sin. I call this very specialized group of philosophers Angelic Christs. They are the ones who are awakening to a new understanding in order to awaken the rest of humanity. It is their mission to bring peace to this world, as examples of personal integrity, responsibility and accountability for what we create as master architects of our own reality.

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