My overall teachings are based in what I term Ancient Angelology as perfected by the Essenes. When we believe or understand that there is an architecture within the Universal Field of all consciousness that is intelligent, interactive, and communicative we can begin to utilize all levels of communication and design afforded to us. I essentially teach my clients and students how to work with this system of co-creation using their emotional thought energy to create “Conscious Circuits” of intention.  In time and with practice, one empowers what I call their “Angelic Light” or “Diamond Light” Field (some call it the Auric field) that is their Sacred Blueprint and ultimately their life experience begins to reflect changes within this field or blueprint. Think of it as a command center where everything you think and feel is commanding your life experience. Everything that you claim into this experience you have authority over and therefore can and should take responsibility for.

As soon as we become accountable for everything we experience we realize we are never a victim to outside circumstances. So, it’s not about attempting to manipulate or control events or people through our power of intention, it’s simply about how we react to circumstances and what we learn to allow as new choices into our field next time around. It’s not about manipulating God or the Universe, it’s simply about removing the road blocks that prevent its unconditional love, abundance and goodness called life from flowing to us.


Angelic Light Alchemy is when we use spiritual tools to transform, elevate and evolve every aspect of our being down to the atomic light level. Once we are activated fully, we literally become magnetic architects who can design and dream into reality exactly what we visualize. Our thoughts and feelings work together to create our reality in every way and we therefore must become masters of thought, feeling and light to experience and enlightened life. What I have found works best for this is working from several angles at once – the conscious mind of 1%, the subconscious mind of 99% and the electromagnetic mind of the “Heart Complex” that generates emotional charge.




The 72 Angelic Light Codes are also known as the 72 Angels or Names of God. Each code or “angel” can be seen as a string within a harp or a frequency of light within your very DNA that can be harmonized for full activation. Each code resonates with different patterns of light and transmutes distortions or static that we carry within our Angelic Light Field as thought and light forms, negative frequencies, psychic attack and even “Shadow Selves” – darker aspects of polarity consciousness. As we use these frequencies to heal at every level, harmonize our light and activate cellular memory, we begin to master our Diamond Light and create a spiritual practice that demonstrates real results in our lives.



    "I AM"


    "I KNOW"


    "WE ARE"

Once all 72 Angelic Light Codes are harmonized you activate what I call your “Diamond Light” which radiates as the light vibration of your immortal Diamond Light Heart Complex from the center of your being. This complex is an alliance of three energy centers in the upper chest:

  • The Sacred Heart is the “I AM” presence of the Higher Self or Crystallized Light (also known as “Christed”) presence that is approximately two fingers width below your physical heart and is the Soul Center of your being that is always plugged into Source as an aspect of the “God Stream” or “Diamond Light Stream” Consciousness.
  • The Illumined Heart is the “I KNOW” Incarnate Fractal or Causal Light that when awakened to truth is Self-Aware and is the energetic spirit that many recognize as your “heart chakra” in the center of your chest.
  • The Angelic Heart is the collective “WE ARE” presence within that is the biocomputer hub or command center of sacred geometric systems that flow throughout the collective body and connects us to the Universal Source. It is located at the area of the thymus gland behind the sternum between the Illumined Heart and Throat Chakras, and in the Medical Reference “Gray’s Anatomy” is even referred to as the “Angelic Gland.”
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