Osama: A Fallen One

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I AM ZADKIEL the Archangel. HEAR US WEEP. I am not alone in this light stream broadcast. There are many who stream within me to share in this message today. It’s been some time since I have found the desire to send love and information via this light stream vibration known as Stephanie. As angels we choose many light streams to communicate through due to their unique vibration and “filtering” system if you will. Stephanie’s filtering system is unique in that she can communicate any vibration, even those that may appear to be lower or more direct, even human, in their thought. She isn’t one to candy coat things, and sometimes that is a good thing when there are lessons to be heard.

As channels or streams of light, humans can’t help but put their signature vibration on what they are communicating, it is in their DNA system. It happens simply because there are either limitations to their vocabulary for translation or they are mining for the correct term and occasionally pick one that is similar, but not necessarily 100% accurate. The clearest channels would therefore be those that have an unlimited vocabulary, no opinion, no ego or sense of self and carry the crystalline code of light. However, it is rare that such an individual would actually seek to be a channel or stream for us since very often they choose to return to their creator. Therefore, we will choose our streams according to the message needing to be delivered and in essence “hope for the best.” Some might think this is an error of design, but in actuality, it is perfection simply because it is an agreement based in harmonic love and union of spirit. My message is that because of its design, discern what feels in vibrational match, and let go what doesn’t without judgment, knowing that there is lesson here for everyone in different degrees.

Today’s message stream is one of contemplation. We are contemplating the shadow side of light that exists in the physical plane of existence, and not in the angelic planes. Many are seeking answers to how to feel regarding the death of a human signature known as Osama Bin Laden. It was a murder of a human being that was quite symbolic. Then there were the additional more innocent players who played their part in the theatre of life who hold no image for us and yet carry equal importance. For murder of a living being of light regardless of what cloak or personality of shadow they wear is still a lesson in power. Osama Bin Laden was an instrument of God, just as Jesus was an instrument of God, or Buddha, or Gandhi, and yes, even Hitler. All of these humans were instruments of God, Source, the infinite Creator – please choose your label accordingly. Instruments that play a vibrational chord in the history of your planet as part of a grand lesson of universal truth.

Now, many will not like to see Osama, Hitler and Jesus in the same sentence, let alone with the same label. To many this will appear blasphemous. Such is the judgment of the human mind that is attached to its mythology of belief. Angels have no belief system, for there is no need for one when you know you are divine light and have complete faith in your divinity without the need to be convinced. There is no right or wrong or duality of any kind in the stream of divine consciousness where there is only one law – the Law of One – where we are part of the All, interconnected light that serves self by serving others. Humans, by purposeful design, are different in that they have forgotten this truth and search again for it in many ways, many paths, many belief systems that either serve or don’t serve their highest good. This is an exercise in expansion and evolution through duality that as humans you have chosen to participate in. It is beautiful even when it is painful. The mind of duality, where right and wrong both exist and morality dictates that one must always dwell in the mind of righteousness is false.

As Zadkiel, I tell you that it is not possible to always be right, good, perfect or loving when you are physically human. There is always a level of shadow or darkness within every human, otherwise, why exist as a human at all? This is the purpose of incarnation, to feel, touch and sense your shadow self. As light beings your love and light are so blinding that no shadow can exist. So, when you stream into a body, suddenly you take form, you take shape, you find purpose to explore deeper elements in order to stretch your light into multiple dimensions that are expanding your love for God, for life, for the infinite design that is creation. But, as physical beings, you will always cast a shadow literally, and it is this constant reminder that keeps you conscious of your mortality, even though your spirit is immortal. This is the innate insecurity that exists in all semi-conscious incarnated beings of light.

Now, moving on to the current event once again. Osama Bin Laden has had many lifetimes, and in truth, most of them did not explore the shadows or depths of humanity’s ability to hurt, kill, terrorize or manipulate. In fact, many of his/her lifetimes were ones that elevated consciousness through love. So, in essence, this lifetime or incarnation was making up for lost time since the time of humans incarnating is slowly, very slowly, changing and he wanted to learn as much about the shadow side as possible. We are rather impressed with his expression, given he managed to terrorize the entire planet, get entire countries to hate him, motivate thousands to kill for him, and in essence become what we would call a Master of Shadow. For this, we celebrate his success, simply because of the magnitude of influence he had in inspiring certain humans to greatness, to their true angelic light, to honor each other through what many call compassion, to raise their consciousness toward peace and realize fear and terror are no longer needed on your planet. Again, by design, humans seem to learn the fastest through tragedy and create experiences to force them to grow as a collective. You’ve probably noticed these experiences are even more frequent now, and this is due to a growing awareness that attracts more awareness to itself and desires to know itself completely. It’s the final push before the birth.

Osama Bin Laden was a man with a purpose to mobilize your planet toward peace in a very indirect way. Yes, he had to be hated, he had to be feared, he had to be the strongest image one could label as “evil” in his time frame of streaming. Yet, he was still a man who started as a being of light, born an infant, raised as a son, molded by fear and destined for irony. The very country that hunted him down to his armed compound, finding him cowering behind a woman for protection, was the country that trained him to be their enemy. It is a huge lesson in what many of you would call the Law of Attraction. Like attracting like. Which means it should be a warning or a wake up call to the Westernized worlds, specifically the United States, to rethink its need to control, conquer and operate from the egoic patterns of consumption and entitlement. Your president Obama knows this, and he is leading by example from a place of humility, harmony and love. It can be difficult for him at times, but it is the path to peace. Which is why those who oppose him will fail time and again.

Yes, it is clear that one thing the US didn’t teach Osama is bravery or humility. Bravery and courage is for those who know who they are as divine beings and aren’t afraid to return to their source. Osama had lost touch with his truth on purpose per his divine contract, he lost touch with the angel within that knows murder is the lowest vibration so that he could carry out a larger purpose of evolution and instruction. Most don’t see it from this angle, but this is why the angels are here, to give a different perspective. When we see our charges, the ones we protect, chanting in streets and celebrating over the death of a fellow human light, it reminds us there is a long way to go to reach full consciousness. For now they too are dwelling in the very shadows that betray their true nature. Blinded by the darkness of revenge, pain, anger, heartache and fear they contract their spirits instead of expanding in love for all who sacrificed in lesson for them. The evolution stops and begins again. It is difficult for those who lost loved ones, but those loved ones are now guiding them in this life to evolve the planet through total non-judgment of the drama that unfolds daily. When one is able to remain neutral to any man labeled evil in order to remove evil from their world entirely, one is a step closer to success.

Light workers understand this. They see the “celebration in the streets” as a lesson for them that there is still much more work to be done. This time the work will take a different form. This time they will light their flames for those who are still wandering blindly in the dark, knowing that their thoughts are strong enough to create a new world without revenge, without terror, without any fear whatsoever. It is coming my beloveds. It is your time to shine the light on those angels who have fallen into despair, not knowing who they truly are. There are no demons, no devils, no Satan beyond the human mind’s creation of labels. Do you all understand that? You are the demons, you are the devils, you are Satan if you so choose to be. Take the accountability and the responsibility and know that it is an illusion you are creating within, it is not an influence that comes at you from outside of yourself. Evil is alive within duality of light and dark form through a human stream of existence who creates those vibrations through their thought forms. But, as a conscious stream of existence you can choose again in each moment the light. Be the light and the darkness is simply absent.

Osama Bin Laden chose the darkness as a fallen one, but he did this on purpose so that humanity could choose the opposite and create light instead. Remember who you are. Choose the light. Let him go on his way with little judgment or condemnation. Ignore your media that creates the collective conscious illusion. Instead, bathe him in light so that he may remember his true self again as part of the Divine Creator and return renewed if he chooses as who he truly is – a divine being. The true lesson for all of you is this – there is no reason for Masters of Shadow to exist unless there are other Shadow Masters attracting them. Instead, create mastery of light and love. You are the masters. Your time is now. We are here to help you remember your mastery. Call on us and we will guide the way.

We welcome all sparks of divinity back into the fold regardless of human experience. This is the truth. Belief doesn’t change it. It is simply the Law of Love, the Law of Creation that magnetizes all it creates back to self.

Many blessings beloved ones.


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  • Zanele Seopetsa

    I dont realy have much to say but thank you.& that,I do need help to the light.I need the courage,the forgiving heart and mind.I NEED GUIDANCE.


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