Sovereign Light Alchemy | Series 1 | Parts 1-4




Sovereign Light Alchemy Series 1

(Parts 1-4)



Experience a combination of ancient alchemical techniques and Angelic guidance through Rev. Stephanie Lodge, a Living Light Stream instrument or channel of Source. By combining Ancient Light Code harmonics and guided Archangelic Transmissions, an alchemical process takes place that begins to align your heart and soul to truly transform your life at every level.

Here is just some of what you can expect to receive from this recording of the online webinar series:

  • Release the “static” or “distortions” of fear and limiting beliefs that block you at the atomic level from feeling safe and emotionally strong, capable of handling common stresses and maintaining peace when emotionally triggered.
  • Resonate at a higher octave, naturally recalibrating the template (“temple”) of your soul to magnetically align to the highest level of personal experience that is equivalent to peace, safety, security and feeling supported.
  • Experience angelic signals directly during Stephanie’s Sovereign Light transmissions, which helps resolve any disbelief you may have in the “invisible” support system that surrounds you.
  • Recognize the same support system right within your very own DNA that you can activate with specific light keys of photonic vibration.


“I have had the pleasure of experiencing the magic of Stephanie Lodge’s streamed meditations both in person and online many times. She enters this state where you can feel something change in the energy around you as you listen to her voice guide you to just the place you need to be. A true mystic in our time!” ~ Michelle Darensbourg – Intuitive, Author and Healer

“I have to say that there are very FEW people in the world these days who can hold, let alone share, so much healing light. Stephanie is one of those remarkable beings who is able to channel a stream of healing light so powerful that transcendence is a normal occurrence in sessions with her. You feel the depth of the healing work in each session and am pleasantly surprised every time, with each UNIQUE experience I have with her. So grateful for you Stephanie!!! Stream-ON!!!” ~ Kevin Ackad – Energetic Healer

“As a life-long Light Worker, I can say that Stephanie Lodge is the real deal. Her work with Angelic Light streaming is powerful and transformative. She is truly connected to Divine intelligence and is able to, not only direct powerful transmissions for spiritual healing, she is also immensely articulate and thus able to convey often times complex and esoteric transmissions so that they are easily accessible to her students. I love attending her Diamond Light Stream meditations. I always leave with some bright new perspective and a shift in my inner consciousness.” ~ Barbara Wilder, Spiritual Teacher & Author of “Embrace Your Power Woman”


Rev. Stephanie Lodge facilitated her own awakening process over many years with the processes above as well as personal intention. That means there wasn’t some “miracle” or near death experience that brought her the gifts of communing with Divine Consciousness, which she calls Sovereign Light Streaming. It all manifested through her own soul’s desire and a willingness to learn. Which means her process can be replicated among many, which is her message overall. “If I can do it, anyone can!” As a minister of metaphysics, Rev. Lodge chooses to empower us to see “Angels” as angles of wisdom within and presents her teachings through archetypes of belief as they relate to universal scientific principles. Seeing us empowered is her main mission, where we command into our reality all that we decide to create.


Stephanie spontaneously streams the Sovereign Light consciousness as an empowered heart transmission of Diamond, Platinum or other levels of photonic (light) consciousness.

Next, you’ll learn several ancient Angelic Light Codes to anchor in more balanced harmonics on all levels that is aligned with the love vibration within your heart, soul and energetic field. As a collective, this intention is amplified immensely, which is a powerful practice and why she prefers to work in groups. Know that by participating you are connected through the Quantum Field to all others who are doing the same to weave a “living fabric of light” across the planet as a blueprint of intention.

You’ll also receive a guided meditation experience that is streamed in directly through the practice of Archangelic Alignment, which Stephanie shares as a sacred transmission from Source-Love.

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