SOVEREIGN LIGHT ALCHEMY is not a temporary retreat from your normal life, where you just “play spiritual” for a weekend or take a two-day class and awaken overnight. Let’s be honest, true awareness and realization of self is a lifelong commitment to your entire consciousness from the atomic light level through to the mental, emotional and physical levels. Authentic wellness requires changes to not only your lifestyle but core beliefs and habitual thinking. These don’t transform overnight, but with regular mentorship, they will shift and empower your life permanently. This I promise you!

So, here is what you can expect to learn with me as your personal partner in shine on your journey back to full remembrance of the Angelic Architect you are. Again, this takes some time and practice, but the results are well worth it!

  • How to reveal and release story and belief conditioning to lower stress on all levels
  • The simple process of Diamond Heart Manifestation
  • How to best manage group field dynamics and distorted relationships
  • How to self administer light transmissions for full harmonic alignment
  • How to respond energetically to another’s emotional intelligence with full neutrality
  • How to connect to the Source of all there is to remember your full Sovereign State of being
  • How to communicate and integrate with your higher self and manage life together in Sovereign Union
  • How to activate your Diamond DNA template to align with the elevated frequencies of plasmic Diamond Earth
  • How to liberate yourself from any false limiting beliefs, blocks or attachments that prevent success and freedom on all levels
  • How to feel into spaces and personal fields of people and situations to best serve the Alignment of One
  • How to consciously command into your personal Diamond Heart Field all that you intend to create as your reality
  • How to calibrate your polydimensional field to better align with holistic health and wellness.

Now, my suggestion is starting with one of the monthly programs based on your budget, or if that’s not an issue, your commitment level. The more mentoring and support you receive in the beginning, the faster you shift your conscious beliefs. Once you feel you are on track, you can reduce the number of hours a month and just get the occasional “check-in” with single sessions.

Contact me for an introductory discovery call prior to booking so that I can answer any questions you may have and go over your individual needs. I very much look forward to hearing from you and assisting your spiritual awakening as best as I can.


    $888 4 SESSIONS
    • Prerequisite: Discovery Session.
    • Four Sessions: 60-Minutes Each
    • Limited text or email support while in Session
    • Light Stream newsletter subscription.
    • Pre-Sale Invitations to ALL Events


    $2,200 MONTHLY
    • Prerequisite: Discovery Session
    • Ten Session Package
    • 60-minutes per session.
    • Unlimited Email Support while in Sessions
    • Unlimited Text AND Voxer Support while in Sessions
    • Light Stream Newsletter Subscription
    • Sessions never expire.
    $777 monthly
    • Prerequisite: Discovery Session
    • Four Sessions per Month - 60 minutes each.
    • Limited Email Support while in Sessions
    • Weekly Text or Voxer Support while in Sessions
    • Light Stream Newsletter Subscription
    • 20% Discount on any private Events


    $275 90 minutes
    • Prerequisite: Discovery Session per person.
    • One 90-minute Session for Two People.
    • Light Stream Newsletter Subscription
    $180 60 minutes
    • Prerequisite: Discovery Session
    • One 1-Hour Standalone Session
    • Light Stream Newsletter Subscription
    • HALONETIX included


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