Learning how to clear your field regularly of negative thought patterns and beliefs results in attracting more positive experiences in your life as you move forward along your journey. It’s that simple. My aim is to streamline spiritual practice to some degree, stripping away the pomp and circumstance that in many ways just isn’t necessary anymore, and demonstrating the real results we desire much faster.

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As soon as we become accountable for everything we experience we realize we are never a victim to outside circumstances. It’s not about attempting to manipulate or control events or people through our power of intention, it’s simply about how we react to circumstances and what we learn to allow as new choices into our field next time around.

Diamond Heart Activation is a pure energy transmission from the Angels to open up the temple of your Diamond Heart. The sanctuary of living light where all Source consciousness transmits and transcends through the magnetic forces of the heart’s torsion field. It requires a living language that is not mentally comprehended, but instead ignites the sacred Diamond DNA through the Diamond Heart “installation.” It is an initiation of sorts and I received the process directly from my immortal councils and the Angelic Light Stream. This usually is combined into the first Sovereign Light Coaching session but can be experienced by itself as well, so it is sold separately in my shop.



Sovereign Life Coaching is specifically focused on beliefs and practices that implement Ancient Angelology dating back thousands of years. The idea of Angels has evolved over the centuries, with my philosophy focusing on Angels as archetypes of who we are at the level of light, intention and innate wisdom. Understanding that there is an architecture within the quantum field that is intelligent, interactive, and communicative liberates us from victimhood and other false beliefs that limit our true potential. Learning the language that communicates with this field is key and begins with what I call the Diamond Light Codes and their applied Sovereign Light Alchemy. Through this coaching program, I share what I’ve learned directly from my immortal counsel and also the Angelic Light Stream collective I’ve been working with for over 12 years. They are the bandwidths of Source-Diamond frequency and operate at the level of light, sound, and magnetics. By empowering my clients to learn how to activate, empower and amplify specific Angelic templates and light streams, they can reduce their energetic sensitivity on all levels.



HALONETIX is a system that utilizes something I call HALO for Harmonic Alignment Light Optimization. This technique utilizes the light stream Source energies to balance the magnetic feminine with the electric masculine polarities within the body and field. The positive and negative conscious elements of duality are something humans have to learn to balance over their lifetime. With the global grid and environmental shifts that are currently escalating, it’s extremely important for each and every one of us to align or “tune-up” our entire holistic system of living light to the changing frequencies to maintain maximum health and well-being. It also assists us in connecting to the Diamond Light of Source that raises our overall consciousness to that of pure unconditional love and empowers us as Diamond Angels or Awakened Celestials, in order to transmute the global changes with harmony and ease.

HALONETIX is the main energy activations I transmit through as an Angelic Light Stream. The activation is comprised of heart song or living light language that is comprised of syllabic notes that build all language. It can feel ancient to some who have experienced it and energizing for many as well. It is not a teaching as much as a form of energetic exchange as “medicine” that refuels the body, recalibrates one’s field (Sovereign Sphere) and activates the DNA at the Diamond Light or Angelic level. This first transmission is something I integrate with the use of the Ultraviolet, Violet and Diamond Light streams to fully reveal, release and restore your Angelic Blueprint to its most optimized clarity and purity. This is a form of “healing” work in the sense that it has a visceral impact on one’s overall being and assists in the elevation and expansion of one’s overall consciousness without reliving past traumas. I often combine elements of this technique with my coaching given the results it gets.

HALONETIX 2.0 is essentially applying HALONETIX to one’s life as various practices that activate and anchor Diamond Light within our body to serve as instruments within the Source Field or “Life.” The more Diamond Light we can anchor overall, the more ability we have to transmute energies we come in contact with day-to-day. We become Sovereign Light Alchemists once we are able to harness what I call the Diamond Dragon or Seraphim Source light streams. These are the noble element streams of creation that I refer to as the Sovereign Light or pure immaculate creation. The four “fiery dragon” or Seraphim Source streams are Silver (Elixir of Life/Divine Chrystos Feminine), Platinum (Immortal Liberator/Sovereign Feminine), Gold (Alchemical Fire/Divine Chrystos Masculine), and Titanium (Sovereign Power/Sovereign Masculine). The Diamond Light stream is the Conscious Mind of Source~God~Love that corresponds to the Ouroboros mythology of being self-sustaining and self-sufficient. As the Universal Architect, it is essentially plasmic-prismatic in nature, which means it designs matter through a lens of intention, that splits all conscious light into a rainbow spectrum of photons. Making it the Universal Architect and Light of Source simultaneously.

Once someone has fully embraced their Diamond Angel within, it’s time to maintain the purest authentic self, utilizing the tools acquired through the Angelic Sovereignty program. This requires the daily practice of meditation, setting up one’s Sovereign Sphere, activating specific light codes and amplifying them with various Angelic Light Streams for full empowerment.

Angelic Light Alchemy is the fun part. The part where you get to step into your role as an alchemist and investigator all at once. The path of enlightenment is an experimental process to some degree. The human side of who we are likes validation when we practice or do anything. So, this will be the time where you get to engage with your personal operating system and when necessary schedule a session for recalibration or intuitive guidance on the process. It’s exciting when you start to transform the energy around you through the thoughts and feelings you empower and the direction of light you intend through each decision you make. I am simply here to act as an accountability partner if needed or a guide through the rough spots. I consider it a privilege to share this journey of awakening with you and Angelic Light Alchemy is the lifestyle or “Light Style” we all get to maintain as Diamond Angels in human form.


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