Learning how to clear your field regularly of negative thought patterns and beliefs results in attracting more positive experiences in your life as you move forward along your journey. It’s that simple. My aim is to streamline spiritual practice to some degree, stripping away the pomp and circumstance that in many ways just isn’t necessary anymore, and demonstrating the real results we desire much faster.

  • Consultation

  • Intention Setting

  • Heart-Mind Alignment

  • Field Programming

  • Light Balancing

As soon as we become accountable for everything we experience we realize we are never a victim to outside circumstances. It’s not about attempting to manipulate or control events or people through our power of intention, it’s simply about how we react to circumstances and what we learn to allow as new choices into our field next time around.



My process is based in what I term Ancient Angelology based in practices that date back thousands of years across countless belief systems. The idea of Angels has evolved over the centuries, with my philosophy focusing on Angels as archetypes of who we are at the level of light, intention and innate wisdom. Understanding that there is an architecture within the quantum field that is intelligent, interactive, and communicative liberates us from victimhood and other false beliefs that limit our true potential. Learning the language that communicates with this field is key and begins with what I call the Sovereign Light Codes and applied alchemy. 



HALO (Harmonic Alignment Light Optimization) is a technique that utilizes the light stream Source energies to balance the divine feminine with the divine masculine, the positive with the negative and all the areas of duality that humans have to work with while on Earth. With the grid shifts that are currently in process, it’s extremely important for each and every one of us to “tune” our divine blueprints or etheric flow patterns to their frequency, to raise our human consciousness to that of divine unconditional love, and to empower ourselves as beings of light in order to transmute these changes with harmony and ease.


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