You Are the Holy Grails – An Indigo Light Stream from Archangel Michael

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Beloved Sister. I call you sister now, for you have as you have said “stepped into your true Angelic power of understanding.” You are no longer the child, and yet you are all children of the One Source, the One Light, the One Love that is the power, the glory and the beauty of this Universe. You feel my field in your hands. As you hold this field, understand that it is integrating with your own. It is merging with your own. The codes of light contained within my field are now within yours…and therefore you are now a Holy Grail. Integration within the temple of your being is simply what I mean by Holy Grail. When one accepts fully their true Angelic self and understands their true angelic self, they are now what we call a Container of God. They are able to receive the wisdom of universal intelligence, universal consciousness in any breath. That breath as you understand it is the bridge, the one that you call the Angel Bridge or the ‘angelic bridge’ is truly the breath. It is the link to all universal consciousness, for it is within the breath that you make the connection between all fields everywhere…that are essentially linked with your field within this moment. This breath connects through the oxygen..into the body, into the DNA, into the cellular structure…activating your heart to empower the light within your very DNA…and infusing it with the conscious light you seek in any moment through your intention, through your thoughts.

It is in the breath that you receive the downloads of information that you desire. It is in the breath that one who is a light stream, such as yourself, is able to connect to us and to all of the sacred architecture of spirit, the angelic science as you call it. Which is appropriate because truthfully you are always studying us, you are always studying this mystery of the hidden…the invisible structures of this universe. And it is only in the application of these invisible structures, the architecture, the sciences as you say, it is only in this application through the practice, the work that you do from within, within the temple of reception you are ready to receive. It is only through the practice that you call Angelic Arts that you are truly able to connect to all of us as One and remember your connection and your divine membership with us…as a council of light and love and God and Source…the Manifest of all mind…the truth that exists is now within you. You are connected and linked in as many more are each day.

The Angelic Light Stream is the cohesive force that flows through all of the Universe. You can call it the connection between all Angelic Fields, the sacred geometry of the quantum if you will. When you breathe in, this stream is connecting and flowing into you as an energy of thought and sound and light and love. The subtle energies of all creation flow into your body. Recharging your body with the understanding that it is already whole, it is already one, it is already complete. There is nothing to learn, nothing to do. So when you asked earlier how to organize all of the ‘human doing’ that you are currently taking on my sister, all of those projects that are currently at your feet are to be kicked around like balls and moved around the planet. This is how easily it is done from this side. And though you are correct that we do not interfere with this process of creation of your desires, your ideas and everything else that you take on your plate, we do inspire, we do guide because you have asked and you have fully integrated with us in the asking, in the knowing and the knowledge…but just be aware that there are some things that others can do if you are not capable of completing every single nuance of these ideas. There is a way to get assistance, and it is appropriate, so simply ask and it will be delivered to you. Understand that it is just like your personal mail order system.  We are here to assist always.

The field is complete. There is nothing that is not already completed. There is nothing that is already not in complete existence. Already completely whole. Finished. Done. So understand there really isn’t anything to ‘do’ to get it done. There is never something that you will feel like you truly finish on that plane because of the nature of evolution. But know that you can take comfort in the fact that it is already done to its completion in this plane and all of the multiverse.

Angels as angelic forces of creation, or the Architects if you’d like to call them, are all part of the design of this universe as you understand it…and yes Architects are angelic energies. Hitler was actually an Architect. And this is confirming for you now. An understanding you’ve known that he was a master designer created by Source to come into your planet to create chaos within the planet to restructure certain elements of the planet and to get it ready for what would eventually be known as your Harmonic Convergence. This was necessary for Hitler to do for there was no unity of vibration or you might say there was a lot of fragmentation in the mind frames that existed within the human existence at that time. There was a lot of separation. So there was a need for cohesion. Since we understand human mind frames can be somewhat stubborn, especially collectively or in groups, they sometimes need these major catastrophic catalysts to pull them together. Interestingly, however, we have sent in other ‘chaos creators’ as Mr. Hitler represented, and unfortunately these chaos creators have been completely ignored for the most part. We have sent these creators into your world such as Africa, Korea (meaning N. Korea), which more recently finally ‘came online’ into full understanding and awareness as a catalytic system or location on your globe. So, ‘the son’ as chaos creator is currently fully activated onto your planet.

I as AA Michael am a thought form being of understanding that you are always safe, you are always secure, you are always in your power and we always love you. We love you fully and completely as angels can only do. There is no judgment in how anything plays out, there is no judgment in the outcome…it is always perfect, it is always good, it is always for the highest cause of creation. Because as this universe expands, expands and expands it also in other forms is deconstructing itself and rebuilding anew.



So, your symbol of the Phoenix would be very appropriate to how the energies of this universe work. There is always a glorification and a rising into one’s true self, into the light, into the sunlight and that burning creates a deconstructive force back to the ash, back to the dust, back to the stardust, back to the nothing and then there is the reassembly and there is new creation, new design, a rebuild and this new star is born, sometimes as a planet, with different elements. These elements allow for life or not to be created. So, every planet has a purpose and in this case the planet Earth is a beautiful planet of creation, it is an engine of co-creation that the humans are upon now to essentially allow us as angelic frequencies to step in and live through vicariously through you as creators. All you have to do is acknowledge the presence of our energy, ask it to merge with your own, then receive our energy, wisdom, guidance, love and intuition as we allow this to flow into your bodies…so you can create whatever it is you desire out of a place of peace and love and understanding fully. Fully co-creating with the knowledge that you have all the power and knowledge and the tool sets needed to create what it is you desire. It is stepping fully into a frame of evolutionary thought. The evolving of the mind into a place of power and peace. Where power is no longer associated with ego, it is simply associated with confidence and knowing who you are. The knowledge as clear knowing. Which brings us to your understanding of clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognisance.

Ultimately the labels that are put upon these levels of ‘knowingness’ are simply different corners of the frame. You have different corners or angles of looking at what’s on the screen. As if you were sitting in a theater, very close to the screen or very far from it or extreme left or right, everything on that screen from the perspective of where you’re sitting is going to look a little different. And that is fine and appropriate. Are you feeling centered and at a comfortable distance from the screen? That is what you need to ask yourself. Are you feeling centered and grounded in that moment. One who is clairaudient, hears before they see. They hear the sounds of the light stream and us coming through as individual thoughts and those thoughts get translated into actual sound. And they hear these thoughts or they think them and this is perfectly appropriate for how they wish to connect to us. And yes, you are true in your understanding that there is sometimes a need to be that clear in the communication in order to trust the communication.

You are correct in understanding that those people who have the highest gifts were once the highest skeptics. And those skeptics may have been skeptical in other lifetimes while getting connected to God, but yet not trusting that they were truly connected to the Source of All. You have not had this issue. You have had an understanding of who you are from a very young age, correct? So it is only in your activation, your evolution of this understanding, and how do we use that connection and how do we fully connect to the knowledge of who you are and use the connection that has allowed you to become the clairvoyant and the clairaudient through the claircognisant. For even though you don’t see or hear us, you know that we are there, so you see us in your mind’s eye to some degree, in your imagining. The imagining is just as powerful as if you were sitting with us and staring us in the face and seeing a being sitting in front of you which would simply be a figment of your imagination anyway. We are always figments of the human imagining. However, we are very real, don’t misunderstand that.  It’s simply that we appear to those who see us in the form that makes them most comfortable.

The imagining process is very powerful. It is creating holographic universal vibration, it is creating something out of vibration alone. And this thought form process is the most powerful process that you have on your planet as humans and I highly suggest going into that place of imagination. Walt Disney was a master at this. His mastery of connecting to the angelic fields of all creation was probably one of the most powerful upon your planet in recent years. Of course you’ve had others, such as Thomas Edison and Einstein and other inventors or great thinkers in your history. But, what we acknowledge about Mr. Disney is the fact that he created out of the true power of love. Everything came out of love. Everything that he imagined from the characters he created was to serve love and light and the children of your planet and this is a vibration that is much needed. The purpose of all beings is to serve future generations through the evolution of higher thought – higher meaning vibrating from a place of peace, love and unconditional acceptance. If one is holding any hatred in their hearts or minds toward themselves or others, they are not in alignment with any of the invisible forces, including God or Source. They are not remembering who they truly are at the invisible spectrum or soul level.

The vibration of love is the only one that can shift or transmute negative forces fully. This is why so many people gravitate to the Disney name the Disney concept, the happiest place on Earth. This is why you get so passionate about why there is this block of greed unfortunately – the cost of entering this happiest place on Earth – and you get so passionate about wanting everyone to be able to afford to go to this place. Because you understand at the deeper cellular level the importance of children to be programmed with the love and the light of the imagining, the imagining, the imagining …just keep saying that into your body. Do you feel that? Breathe it in…yes…the imagining. So to return to briefly here…the holographic images of the imagining is what people are receiving as angelic beings. The labels that they give them, whether they call us by name Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Zadkiel, etc. any of the names, all of them, are appropriate and fine because we understand the intention behind them. Any of these labels are appropriate and fine, however we do want to simplify it by saying you can call upon us just as easily by saying “I ask for the Angelic Light Stream of Peace. I ask for the Angel or Angels of Love. I ask for the Angelic Light Stream of knowledge, bravery, safety…” Anything that you desire to label us with as an Angelic Verb of what you need. “Angelic Light Stream of and fill in the blank” is fully capable of connecting you in to what it is you desire, to what you wish to channel or stream and speak with.

Now you may be comfortable with the personalities that have been presented upon this planet and perpetuated within the voices of many and that is fine and appropriate for we do exist as light beings of creation because enough thought forms of mind have been focused on creating us as holographic vehicles. And these holographic vehicles do come in and are visible to many. We don’t mind our costumes, as you have costumes and we have them too, and that is fine. But, this explains why we can be with many people at once. Because as a hologram is complete and whole, if you were to split it into smaller pieces, individual cellular structures, you have the complete wholeness in each cell, correct? This is how you understand how the holograph works. It is “holo” or holistic in its aspect. It is also “hollow” or empty and able to be filled with whatever it is you desire to create or see in that moment. It is a “graph” as it is sacred geometry, it is designed, and this is what it’s designed for to communicate with you fully in the present moment.

You’ve been very deep in understanding us and your eyes are dry my love. Okay, stretch a bit here. Getting some motion and light inside the body. Remember, you are not the only one here to remind everyone who they are, there are many stepping into the ‘Grailhood’ – and with that, I bless you for this transmission of love.  We are with you always.

I AM love.  I AM Archangel Michael

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