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Foundation Meditation


In my opinion, when starting any meditation practice, it’s always best to sit upright in a comfortable chair with both feet on the ground. The reason for this is because meditation is indeed a practice and not a time to simply relax and possibly fall asleep if you are lying down. Plus, I find that visualizing yourself grounded into the Earth is far easier if your spine is perpendicular to the Earth plane itself.

So, once seated, rest both hands on your knees or arms of a chair, with palms facing upward. Then, take three to four good deep breaths and feel yourself gently relax. Relax your shoulders, release your thoughts and worries of the day. Just breathe in, knowing that this is your personal connection to life within and around you. As you continue breathing comfortably, imagine a shimmering ray of light (gold or silver as you prefer) streaming down from the cosmos into the top of your head (at the crown chakra) and clearing out any mental energy of the day that no longer serves you in this moment. Release any thoughts of the past and the future, and simply breathe in the moment of now.

Next, imagine a clear tube that runs through the core of your body along the spine meridian. In this tube sits seven small balls of crystal, each glowing with colors that represent one of your energy chakras or centers. There are additional chakras above and below your core body, but we are only concerned with the seven main chakras within the spine to keep this exercise in grounding simple. The chakras should be spinning in a clockwise rotation, so please take a moment to pause at each chakra in the locations listed below, with the corresponding colors shining from each one. Simply imagine them spinning clockwise. It’s okay if it’s slow at first as long as you get them to a comfortable spin in time.

7th Chakra: Above Head/Crown (violet)

6th Chakra: Brow/Third Eye (indigo blue)

5th Chakra: Throat (light blue)

4th Chakra: Heart (green)

3rd Chakra: Stomach/Solar Plexus (yellow)

2nd Chakra: Navel/Sacrum (orange)

1st Chakra: Groin/Root (red)

Once you have each chakra crystal sphere spinning comfortably, draw the shimmering color of gold or silver from the top of your head at the crown and down through each of the remaining six chakras. This cleanses and balances them, releasing any tensions, fears, toxicity and stress, while adding joy, divinity and love. After the gold/silver ray passes through the root chakra, imagine it continuing down until it passes between your feet and then into the planet itself.

Now, imagine this shimmering light as a cord or thread of unbelievable strength boring into the Earth, to its center, and wrapping itself around a large crystal at the core of the planet. This crystal glows as bright as the sun and is the love, source and divine intelligence of Mother Earth herself. The very soul of Gaia. Know in your heart that you are one with her soul, you are connected with her through every footprint you take upon her skin. You and she are in constant communication and are grounded to each other. Emphasize this knowing by allowing your heart chakra to expand into a bright green ball of light and then drop this light down the tube into the Earth, sending your love to her soul crystal center. Feel her respond with the infinite love she has for you.

You are safe. You are grounded. You are divine and infinite. Now you may begin your meditation.

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