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The ability to connect directly to our divine origins is our birthright. Any and every person has the potential to tune into and receive direct guidance from the invisible conscious intelligence that surrounds us. I know this because I lived through an awakening process that didn’t start with an innate gift or near death experience of any kind to jumpstart it. It was an introduction to elements of creation called Angels and the subtle process of aligning to the belief of their spiritual realms, then in time proving to myself and eventually others that we are surrounded by a field of intelligence. Through visceral demonstrations, people would feel things directly or experience energetic healing while working with me.

Eventually, it became evident that instead of simply counseling one-on-one, I needed to share what I knew to larger groups and reveal what the “mystery” schools and secret groups have hidden for centuries. That we are capable of activating our personal divine power and intelligence, our Angelic Soul, that is always “running in the background” to assist us in all areas of our lives.

I call the highest guided invisible intelligence that is always flowing to us abundantly the DIAMOND LIGHT STREAM. This field of genius links into the core of who we are through the many facets of our Diamond Heart, a central focal point of divine transmission that creates a rainbow spectrum of projected experience through our cellular structure, informed via the living light of our DNA. This warehouse stores mental, emotional and spiritual energetic fields and memories that can be accessed via our electro-magnetic operating system to co-create the reality we engage with. This is where the science enters the picture, and why religion has very little to do with true spirituality.

As a mystic or light stream, I have connected people directly to these various facets or bandwidths of consciousness utilizing the Angelic Dream Keys and The Way of the Magdalene for years. These keys and teachings are comprised of energy as Angelic names, number code activations, direct streaming of heart sensation as a form of language, and the list continues to expand.  I do my best to teach my clients how to connect directly on their own so that they can step fully into their Sovereign State – full neutral compassion and independence of all outside conditions. It starts with the belief through visceral experience and in time integrates into pure knowing without waver that we are not alone, we have never been separated from our creator, and in fact, we are a fractal of that creative Source as light, love, truth, wisdom, and beauty. However, it does take some time to forgive our Source if we have felt alone, have been traumatized in some capacity, or feel betrayed by love. This is where Angelic Awakening is a process and the Way of the Magdalene are the practical methods of working through it.

What impairs or imprisons our soul’s expression is our beliefs, our feelings, our conditions, and our ability to fully love ourselves or not. It is an alchemical dance between heart and mind that decides how long it will take for us to find true sovereignty and live our lives to the fullest state of the Law.

That Law is the Law of Unification or Oneness, or in brief – the Law of One. It is the intimate gnosis that transcends all belief or understanding and aligns you fully with the definitive knowledge that everything is interconnected, interwoven, as a single ultimate intelligence or Source Genius. That means there is no separation between you and those you love or even those you choose not to love. No matter what you feel, this is the truth of all creation.

We are connected to the trees, the oceans, even the stars at the elemental level. When you break it down, all matter is carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and other elements of creation. More importantly, we are connected through an intricate network of consciousness that shares intelligence and this intelligence communicates through various streams or focal points of entry into our Body-Mind-Spirit complex as frequency, energy and vibration. Just as Nikola Tesla understood and Walter Russell (his lesser known peer) proved through his teachings on The Secret of Light.


What I call our Diamond Heart is the hub or central database of these streams and is comprised of the I AM – I KNOW – WE ARE elements of Angelic wisdom. The “I AM that I AM” is well known by many as our internal power of presence and resonates within the central sun of our solar plexus, constantly recharging our battery pack or digestive system. I AM here, I AM worthy, etc. reinforces the idea that we are alive and in living color as light. Often times people who are highly sensitive or intuitive will feel energy hit their solar plexus and over time if there is enough trauma creating powerlessness or similar feelings of unworthiness physical symptoms of SIBO or IBS can occur.

The “WE ARE” center is a less recognized, though definitely becoming more popular, concept of understanding ourselves as interconnected with an alliance of other conscious forces of intelligence. You might see this as your Angelic councils of light. This vibrates in the region of your “higher or Angelic heart” chakra-Arc located in the area of your thymus gland, which is also the regulator of your immune system. Many light workers and energy healers who believe they are alone in their mission to help and heal will often develop weaker immune systems or immune disorders because they are unable to “get off the cross” and empower themselves with self-love first. Magdalene often repeats the old adage, “An empty cup cannot quench another’s thirst.” So, the “WE ARE WHO WE ARE” is an important statement of recognizing our membership in a celestial collective of power and beauty.

The Diamond Heart is a holographic energetic field that collapses into a merkabah stargate or wormhole and expands into a toroidal transformer that serves as a chamber for alchemical fusion of emotional consciousness. If you were to see the Diamond Heart as an expanded merkabah with two pyramids base-to-base, one inverted and one upright, the WE ARE center point would be at the top upright apex resting in the higher heart/thymus region and the I AM would be at the inverted point resting in the stomach/solar plexus. Now, the middle plane where the two pyramids meet is the I KNOW or zero point gravitational and magnetic field that aligns to our physical heart and heart chakra-Arc as well. This is what Magdalene calls the Grace Field or Field of Grace and Gratitude. It is both a chamber and a wormhole or stargate portal depending on our use of it. It creates a torsion field that is immensely powerful and often misused or even abused, mostly turning that abuse on ourselves unknowingly. Because truth be told, most of us have no idea how powerful we are when we combine the energy of our words, emotions, and frequency. The I KNOW THAT I AM and the I KNOW WHO WE ARE statements are excellent at acknowledging our sacred self or Angelic Soul which essentially just means that you are an Angle of Source consciousness made manifest in a physical vehicle or body.

Once we acknowledge this divine nature and truth, we are able to own our divinity and take accountability for all that we create as master co-creators of our physical universe. The beauty of that is whatever you have created as your life that doesn’t serve or suit you, you can easily dismantle and design again anew. This is just part of the practice of the Way of the Magdalene, and I look forward to sharing more through my Magdalene Mentorship programs with you.

If you’d like to learn more about my work as a Magdalene Mystic and channel of Angelic Light, please feel free to contact me via email on my contact page. I also provide private one-on-one activation sessions called Angelic Magdalene Soul Sesssions and personal one-on-one Angelic Awakening coaching to those who resonate with being connected to Angels and their frequency of love.

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