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You are a transmission of living light and you MATTER because you are IN MATTER. Your very blood cells are codes that this planet requires for a period of time to inform the collective consciousness to adjust to a new level of deeper understanding of our collective experience. There are those who hold patterns of abuse and conflict, there are those who hold memories of persecution and abandonment, there are those who carry deep wisdom and mystic-level talents that they don’t fully remember yet. All of life is a beautiful mosaic of intelligence that when tuned into and acknowledged unlocks the deepest mystery of one’s Angelic Soul.

What is an Angelic Soul versus a Human Soul? The Angelic Soul is the sacred entanglement of Source intelligence that has immaculate and eternal numerical, geometric, magnetic, energetic, and sonic intelligence that translates to spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical manifestation. This divine design is the original template of individuated purpose for coming into creation that is free from all personality, static, distortion or impairment created by infinite life experiences.

What I’ve learned over my years as a transformational coach and intuitive advisor is that each individual is as unique as a fingerprint. No two methodologies or spiritual “lightstyles” as journeys of awakening and self-realization are ever going to be exactly alike. This is because our intricate, individualized, spiritual design requires various lessons and vibrational keys to be fully harmonized, liberated and authentically expressed. This explains why society as a whole is moving away from archaic belief systems that still worship external saviors, gurus, Angels and saints to “save” us.

As we awaken to our true Angelic nature (aka Divine Authority by Design), we feel more comfortable with our emotions and trust our heart to lead, then release the need for complicated mental systems of dogmatic scriptures, ritual, and even ceremony. We stop waiting for some outside force to rescue us from the pain and sadness of personal and world events and instead take personal accountability for the life we create. What I know deeply is that we are steadily liberating our own hero or heroine at the “Angelic Soul” level in order to step into a more service-to-All role, where our embodied immaculate light intelligence in human form has the graceful authority to love in complete oneness with all Life.

The Angelic Academy was founded in 2013 as an online educational portal for those on the journey of connecting more deeply with the Angels. As Rev. Stephanie developed her connection to Angelic Light, she expanded her understanding and developed the concept of Angelic Science per her guides direction. This incorporated the idea of light and sound as vehicles of spiritual communication and transformation respectively, and from there her teachings integrated science to find balance between the heart and mind.

Today she’s considered a bridge to the practical understanding of Angels as aspects of our own nature, and continues to expand her teachings to evolve with our understanding of quantum physics and the like.

The Diamond Heart Keys is Stephanie’s pre-requisite program on the Sovereign Path utilizing all 72 Angelic Dream Keys. It is her primary work and assists in activating the heart’s ultra dimensional “operating system”. Currently, enrollment is via Angelic Academy directly, or you can schedule a discovery call to learn more prior to purchase.

The Angelhood is my free social network for Angels with subscn a monthly basis and is an easy accountability partner for your spiritual evolution. Stephanie created it to include a monthly group coaching call, and has private invitation-only manifestation events – Magdalene Masterminds – that assist those who are seriously committed to align energetically and amplify their intentions. Learn how you can join and all the extra Angel gifts, including her monthly ANGEL HUG by clicking below.

Stephanie sees private clients weekly on a limited schedule. You can schedule a brief discovery call to learn more about how she can assist you in aligning your light on all levels and determine which path is ideal for you. She offers private mentorship as well to a select few on an annual basis for those interested in learning more directly the Way of the Angelic Soul.

shining testimonials

Michel Pascal
Meditation Teacher for Google & Transformational Vocalist

“One time I was at Bodhi Tree and I met a tall woman…and immediately when I saw her before she spoke, I knew she was a master. What does it mean to be a master? A master is someone who has exceptional capacities. But, the first capacity of the master and it was a sign for me to recognize her…it’s not a superpower…it’s humility. So, Rev. Stephanie Ann Lodge is an exceptional master of humility.”

Rev. Nancy B. Berggren
Minister & Author of "Life is a Game...and You Can Play It"

“When experiencing Stephanie’s Diamond Light Magnetics process for the first time, I placed a camera crew and myself with a full and happy cast within what she calls my “Diamond Heart.” Within one week I was booked for 3 days on a new sitcom. It had been over 2 years since I had booked a network show. It was so clear to me that it came directly from her unique guided meditation. I was ecstatic and the work and people I worked with all made the experience like heaven on earth for me. It was like the best party I was ever invited to, and I created it! I am so grateful for learning this powerful process.”

Barbara Wilder
Author of "Money is Love" & "Embracing Your Power Woman"

“As a life-long Light Worker, I can say that Stephanie Lodge is the real deal. Her work with  Angelic Light streaming is powerful and transformative. She is truly connected to Divine intelligence and is able to, not only direct powerful transmissions for spiritual healing, she is also immensely articulate and thus able to convey often times complex and esoteric transmissions so that they are easily accessible to her students.  I love attending her Diamond Light Stream meditations. I always leave with some bright new perspective and a shift in my inner consciousness.”

Kevin Ackad
Get on the Table - Energetic Massage

“I have to say that there are very FEW people in the world these days who can hold, let alone share, so much healing light.  Stephanie is one of those remarkable beings who is able to channel a stream of healing light so powerful that transcendence is a normal occurrence in sessions with her.   You feel the depth of the healing work in each session and am pleasantly surprised every time, with each UNIQUE experience I have with her. So grateful for you Stephanie!!!  Stream-ON!!!”

Christine Alexandria
Angelic Intuitive and Creator of Angel Chatter

“I consider Stephanie a colleague, but more importantly a friend. Her warmth, genuine personality and ability to utilize the information she gets not only from the angels, but other wise beings can be life-changing. I would highly recommend anyone to have a session with Stephanie.”

Michelle D.
Intuitive Healer

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing the magic of Stephanie Lodge’s streamed meditations both in person and online. She enters this state where you can feel something change in the energy around you as you listen to her voice guide you to just the place you need to be. A true mystic in our time!”